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Harvest: Biodegradable Food Containers, Tableware, Cups & Plates

Harvest® Fiber, 100% certified compostable dinnerware and hinged containers.
Complete line of compostable paper cups of all shapes and sizes.
Genpak Harvest® Pro eco-friendly containers and cutlery.

At Genpak, we believe if we make a claim that food packaging is easier on the environment, they really are easier on the environment. Whether using the phrase biodegradable, compostable or eco friendly, it has become fashionable to make all sorts of wild claims and unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies don't back those claims up with any sort of proof.

We believe our green products should fall into one or many of the three R's of sustainable food packaging which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Whether it is our biodegradable plates, cups or containers, if one of these three objectives is not met, we will not market them as a green solution.

All of the products in Harvest, from containers to cups, are either fully compostable or are greatly reduced in the amount of normal raw resources required to produce them. Our Harvest Fiber products are fully compostable and are completely 100% all natural. Our Harvest Paper products are fully compostable. Harvest Fiber containers are made from Bagasse, an annually renewable resource. There are no petrochemical resin sources used at all. This environmentally preferable line includes hinged containers, bowls, plates and cutlery items.

For other food containers and packaging that falls into the three R's of sustainability, be sure to check out our Clear Hinged Deli containers and Supermarket Containers which are both produced using up to 30% post consumer recycled content as well as being #1, curbside recyclable. Also, our Smart Set Pro line of microwave safe food packaging is produced using a source reduced material that allows our packaging to be up to 20% lighter than our competition.