Plates: Plastic, Foam, Laminated And Biodegradable Plates

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Disposable plates for restaurants, caterers, supermarkets and more

The only time one ever really considers a dinnerware plate is when it fails to perform its function which is to securely hold food during transportation and consumption. While this certainly sounds simple enough, there are plenty of competitive plates out there that are so flimsy and poorly made that they can't even perform the most basic function of a plate.

Genpak disposable plates are far superior in their design, workmanship and quality to any other disposable plate on the market today. For all our plates, including our plastic, foam, biodegradable and compostable options, we focus on premium quality materials as the starting point then engineer designs that are functional yet appealing to the eye. Our selection includes everything from small 6 inch plates to larger 10 1/4 inch round plates, along with matching bowls, trays and lids in great designs. Many of our plate styles are also available in a compartmented version. This makes them perfect for use in restaurants, grocery stores and even a mainstay in catering supplies.

Please review all of our great disposable plate options from the progressive S4 laminated foam plates to the new compostable and hybrid plate options. Don't forget to checkout our selection of clear plastic lids to help protect your feed before it is served.

compostable dinnerware


Harvest® Fiber, 100% certified compostable dinnerware and hinged containers.
Laminated Foam Dinnerware

S4 Laminated Foam Dinnerware

Laminated foam S4 dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
Secure Celebrity foam dinnerware

Celebrity Foam Dinnerware

Foam dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
Find the Elite line of laminated foam dinnerware

Elite Laminated Foam Dinnerware

Laminated foam dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
white plastic plates and bowl

Aristocrat White Plastic Dinnerware

White, crystal finish plastic plates, bowls & platters.
black plastic dinnerware

Silhouette Black Plastic Dinnerware

Premium black plastic dinnerware plates, bowls & platters.
Foam dinnerware


Retail packed dinnerware plates, bowls & cups
Crystal clear lids for plastic dinnerware items

Crystal Clear Lids

Clear lids for carry out & display.