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Below you will find the most commonly asked and some not so commonly asked questions.

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive.

Q. Are your foam polystyrene products recyclable?
A. Yes... however, there are very few facilities which accept products with a recycle symbol of number 6 recyclable icon Please check with your local municipality to see if they collect such items before placing them into your curb side recycle bins.

Q. Can I place my company logo onto your packaging?
A. Yes, many of our products may be decorated with your company logo. Please follow this link for a complete listing of items and their minimums to decorate.

Q. Are your products Kosher?
A. None of our products are Kosher certified, however we do certify that no animal derived raw materials or additives are used in the production of any of our food packaging.

Q. What is the minimum and maximum temperature range your products can handle?
A. Please follow this link to view a temperature matrix of all our product substrates.

Q. Where may I purchase your products?
A. Purchasing Genpak products is simple! Just send us an email or log onto the Chat Line and tell us where you are located, and what you are looking to purchase.

Q. Do any of your food packaging products contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?
A. No, none of our products have ever contained BPA.

Q. Do any of your food packaging products contain CFC's?
A. No, none of our products have ever contained CFC's.

Q. Can I purchase rolls of the materials you use to manufacture your products?
A. Unfortunately no. We use all the materials produced to make our products.

Q. Can you make a custom container for us?
A. Yes, we do make custom packaging if the annual volume makes sense. For particulars, please contact us with your details.