Take-Out Occasions

While I’m not ready to have a drone deliver my food, I am a strong believer in take-out food. Whether it’s being delivered straight to my door, or I pick it up on my way home from my favorite restaurant, when someone else cooks for me it’s a delight. Here at Genpak we think every take-out occasion should be special. Food arriving as you expect it, hot and mess-free. There’s nothing worse than getting your food home, or delivered, and it’s all shaken around, French fries sitting in some sauce that came on your burger, or worse yet, cold and lack luster fries from your favorite restaurant.

compartmented food containers
Smart Set Pro containers are recyclable, reusable, and microwave safe.

Genpak has containers to make every off-premise dining experience a great one.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when sauces are spilling out of the container and all over the bag and subsequent containers. I received Asian food one time and the containers were stapled all the way around… um, shouldn’t they work the way they were designed? Genpak’s Smart Set Pro containers are microwave safe and leak resistant. No staples needed.

Order accuracy is another hot button issue of mine. I want what I ordered. Is that too much to ask? Clear topped containers, like Genpak’s new ProView containers, are great for helping get orders right. These containers are also microwave-safe so I can zap it in the microwave if it doesn’t arrive hot enough after a long car ride. ProView is recyclable so I’m not filling up my trash can with rubbish. These containers can be recycled into new products for some else to enjoy.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Genpak’s oven ready containers are great for bake and show applications as well. Genpak has you covered from appetizers through dessert.

Every take-out order should be treated as a special occasion. Someone else is fixing a lovely meal for you. Presentation is key to keeping customers returning. Packaging plays a big role in that. Plates to share, food to nibble, let Genpak help make your take-out occasion a special one.