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HF836 Product Information

HF836 - Compostable 36 oz bowl

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Compostable 36 oz bowl

  • Item Dimension: 36 oz
  • Color: Natural White
  • Case Count: 400
  • Sleeve Count: 8/50
  • Case Wt: 23.5lbs
  • Case Dim: 17.500" x 9.300" x 17.600"
  • Case Cube: 1.70ft³
  • SCC: 10020648030549
  • UPC: ---
  • Ti/Hi: 10/3
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36 oz. bowl made from compostable materials. All products in the Harvest Fiber line are made using renewable resources, making them an environmentally friendly solution when buying bowls, plates and other dinnerware. Here we have our 36 oz. bowl, but be sure to check out our smaller 11 oz. compostable bowls if you're looking for an alternative.