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FP932 Product Information

FP932 - Lid for FP024 & FP032

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Lid for FP024 & FP032

  • Item Dimension:
  • Material: PP
  • Color: Clear
  • Case Count: 300
  • Sleeve Count: 4/75
  • Case Wt: 7.9lbs
  • Case Dim: 19.875" x 15.125" x 15.375"
  • Case Cube: 2.67ft³
  • SCC: 10020648008630
  • UPC: ---
  • Ti/Hi: 6/8
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The matching plastic lid for our FP024 and FP032 microwave safe containers. The FP932 offers you a secure and dependable option when needing to cover food while heating them in our 24 and 32 oz bowls. When you need microwave safe containers for your food applications, you can count on Genpak.