Food Packaging News: Pet Food Packaging And More

  • Could anti-bacterial packaging be the next thing to come down the pike? Would you purchase a food item knowing it was coated or treated with some type of anti-bacterial agent? I’m not so sure I would.
  • An award was won for a dog food package shaped like a slipper. Brilliant idea. If you are a packaging person, you could spend all day looking at the cool designs on this site.
  • Stand up pouches are on the rise for candy makers. This is something we are very familiar with as our own line of stand-up and pre-made bags have been in high demand.
  • Berkeley, CA has imposed the first ever tax on soda. What do you think about that? Government looking out for its citizens or reaching too far into people’s lives? At least they did not try to ban it like Bloomberg did in NYC. Instead tax it to death.
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