Food Packaging News: Recycling Rates, New Concepts And More

Here’s some articles worth reading.

  • I don’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said, “anything that can be invented has already been invented”. This new concept slaps that notion down. I’ll be looking for this new packaging at the grocery store.
  • McDonald’s to begin placing paperback books into happy meals. Check out the critic’s comment at the end of this piece. What a nut. This guy would probably like nothing better than to run them out of business and send the millions employed by McD’s out on the street. Can he not be happy and a little satisfied that McD’s is encouraging kids to read and maybe learn a little at the same time? Get a life dude.
  • A fitness center at my grocery store? I have mixed emotions about this one. Hopefully shoppers can’t see the folks working out.
  • Recycling rates for PET continues to increase which is a good thing. For our part, we have been using post consumer recycled PET for many years now in the production of our clear APET products.
  • Here’s an interesting concept for food packaging. I think this person has a future in packaging design!
  • Food packaging designed for a trip to the Antarctic. Even though this is not Genpak packaging, you have to give credit where credit is due.
  • Quick service restaurant CEO says Obamacare will hurt job creation and reduce staffing. This could have far reaching effects which will include food packaging decisions.
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