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C Mechanic at Genpak Sebring

Genpak Sebring, Sebring, FL

Full TIme Position

Role and Responsibilities

~~Objective of Position:
Must be capable of adjusting, dismantling and repairing simple production equipment and must have a good understanding of mechanical techniques, tools and measuring devices.  Show traits or active related interest in one or ore fields: machine shop, electrical, fabrication, welding and instrumentation, 


The Mechanic will be responsible for individual compliance with all safety rules, regulations and policy procedures. Employee responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Compliance with all facility safety rules and regulations.
• Reporting any unsafe practices and/or conditions to their supervisor.
• Maintaining floor safety discipline by interceding with fellow employees, who may engage in rule violations and/or unsafe, unhealthy activities.
• Communicating to management those employees who persist in violations of safety rules and/or procedures.
• Wearing required personal protective equipment properly and reporting any defective PPE.
• Reporting all near misses, accidents, injuries or illnesses, including Muscular Skeletal symptoms or disorders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Maintain a small set of tools to enable him/her to perform normal duties
2. Familiar with all facets and procedures of plant operations
3. Basic amount of understanding of pneumatics and hydraulics
4. Capable of diagnosing and repairing plant equipment with supervision
5. Maintain the necessary hand tool’s needed to perform job duties in a productive manner
6. Capable of keeping accurate records of work performed
7. Perform work in a safe manner to personnel and equipment
8. Able to use a fire extinguisher
9. Get assistance to resolve any issues to get machine back in operation
10. Well rounded knowledge of quality of all products
11. Housekeeping, must keep all areas free of debris

Qualifications and Education Requirements


For knowledge statements, according to the Uniform Section Guidelines issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the following definitions of knowledge are:

Basic: General familiarity; awareness of universal principles and able to locate details/access resources. Individual has an understanding of a determinate number of functions or activities.

Solid: Working knowledge; able to apply general principles. Individual has an understanding of most functions, operations or activities, including a general knowledge of applicable theory.

Expert: Able to apply general principles and specific details. Individual has an understanding of virtually all functions, operations or activities, including full comprehension of applicable theory.

Education:    Solid

Language Skills:   Solid

Mathematical Skills:   Solid

Reasoning Ability:   Solid

Certificates/Licenses/Registrations: Forklift License

- Individual must have the ability to adjust focus (ability to adjust the eye to bring an object into sharp focus).

General Work Environment:

Additional Information:
Controls are in place for any airborne particles, safety glasses.
Controls are in place for any risk of electrical shock, lock out tag out procedures.

Additional Notes