Specialty Bowls

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Need a bowl for Asian foods? How about pasta, leafy salads, wet salads, cookies, dried fruit, stew...the list is endless. Genpak foam laminated Specialty Bowls are engineered to withstand the most demanding applications while being user friendly and elegant enough for white table cloth occasions.

We offer a line of black, plastic carry out bowls that have a high sheen finish and will work wonderfully with most applications from hot food to cold salads. For applications in which seeing the food is most important, turn to our Crystalline clear bowls. Produced from crystal clear APET, these bowls will resist denting, cracking and will not break down to oils. For a more economical option, our Utility bowls will fit the bill. Straight foam or laminated foam, white or black, we are sure to have a bowl to fulfill your requirements.

If a microwave safe bowl is something you need, please be sure to review our Smart Set Pro series of microwave safe containers and lids.

Have a question on our foam laminated or plastic carry out bowls? Drop us a line and we?ll get right back to you.

Foam and laminated rice bowls

Utility and Rice Bowls

Foam & laminated foam serving bowls.
black and clear plastic bowls

Clear & Black PET Bowls

Crystal clear and black PET serving bowls.