Superbag & Flexible Packaging

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Building the Foundation
Genpak's flexible packaging is based on several different types of plastic and/or layered materials. We use co-extruded, metallized or coated polypropylene, polyester, cellophane, nylon and aluminum foil. We offer extrusion and adhesive lamination, as well as mono and multilayer extrusion using high and low density polyethylene. There are numerous concentrates and additives that can be used to enhance the film for a variety of reasons that best suit your needs.

These are just some of the many choices we have available to you to build the foundation of your package. Whatever your specific needs, whether a high quality Superbag or reliable plastic food packaging, we will help you with color, clarity, texture, strength, barrier and sealable properties to optimize the performance of your packaging for your unique product. And don't forget paper - we have the capabilities to print and convert that for you too.

Making the Packaging and Superbags Yours
We know you've worked tirelessly analyzing product placement and creating the perfect graphic to make sure your product stands out in the marketplace. Genpak has cutting edge printing technologies and experienced printing professionals who understand the finite details of flexographic printing and will print your package with precision and care.

We have several flexo printing presses with varying capabilities such as 10 color print in styles that include line, screen, process and Opaltone. We can offer you a repeat of any length with our gearless press, and can accommodate a wide range of web widths. Add a layer of lacquer or UV coating to create a high gloss, protect the print, or ease slippage of stacked product. Our well established relationship with the largest producer of printing inks gives us further options to protect the print from the environment while also protecting the environment from the sources used in the print, by minimizing the impact of the pigments and materials used to bring your image to life.

Form & Function for your Packaging
After printing, you have a virtual plethora of options to finish your package. You can choose rollstock, over 25 different styles of bags, or beautifully crafted pouches that will make your product stand out on those competitive retail and grocery shelves.

There are several different types of handles and closures to choose from. We can help you determine the converting style best suited for your product. Once you decide on the finished product, we convert your film effortlessly using one of our many side seal, zipper, paper/liner or pouch converting machines available to meet the specifications and time lines consistent to or greater than industry standards. Our goal is to produce a package for you that has your design and message that functions well, and has the durability to withstand the normal bumps and bruises that occur getting your product to market.

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