Flexible Packaging Products And Printing

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If you're in need of flexible packaging for your products, Genpak is your flexible packaging solution! We offer a wide variety of flexible products to solve all your packaging needs.

Why consider flexible packaging for your products? Genpak is proud to be the industry leader in compostable packaging. With flexible packaging from Genpak, you can rest easy knowing that your products are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging - and your customers are sure to appreciate it too! Flexible packaging is also a great alternative to other packaging options because it will help to increase the ease of use of your products. Additionally, our packaging is printed using exceptionally high printing quality, so you can rest assured that your brand and product information will present well and be easily recognizable to consumers when your products are sitting on store shelves.

Our packaging products provide technical solutions for all packaging applications. We offer a wide variety of options to serve various industries and markets including but not limited to the coffee industry, snack industry, medical industry, pet food industry and many more.

With our many flexible packaging options, including Genpak's exclusive die cut paper window bag, flexible rollstock, premade bags and more, we're confident that we have a packaging product to meet your specific needs.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our packaging solutions, contact us today to speak with a representative or to request your free sample!

Coffee Webs and Compostable Lidding

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